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World Gamer Nation brings a professional gaming setup to your event. Whether you want a 16 Xbox 360 fully networked LAN party or just a few different consoles at your event, World Gamer Nation can custom-design a setup to meet your needs. We bring the video game party to you.

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LAN Center

We have designed a state-of-the-art gaming facility with the latest networking technology and commercial super high-speed internet lines providing the best gaming experience possible. Because all gamers at the LAN Center are using the same high-performance systems, it creates a rare level playing field for gamers to interact and compete with one-another.

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World Gamer Nation provides LAN services for video game parties, events and tournaments. By combining our knowledge of media networking technology and our passion for video games, we provide a fun and exciting experience for our customers. Whether you are a parent looking for ideas for you child's next birthday party or a serious gamer looking to challenge yourself and your peers, we have the equipment and games to meet your needs.